"If I had to sum up in two words the impact Meg has had on my life, they would be “Life Altering."  I started a journey 20 months ago in which I decided that I need to focus more on my nutritional health as well as my physical activity so I could be as engaged in my soon to be born nephews life. I started out kind of fumbling through things and decided about 6 months into my journey that I wanted to have a better understanding of how foods directly affected my body.  So I began working with Meg, per my sister's recommendation.  What I got was some much more amazing than I could have ever imagined. 

Meg had a wonderful ability to understand what areas of my life need focus just by casually talking twice a month.  She is so insightful that she was able to get me to recognize a life time struggle I had with labeling food “good or bad” and how this was affecting all aspects of my life. I now live a guilt free life which has opened doors to start exercising, increased concentration levels at work and home and being able to listen to my body to provide the nutrients I need to be my best.

Meg also provided me a tool box of knowledge that has helps me maintain balance in my life. I am so much more equipped to handle life’s curve balls and stay on track with my overall eating and exercise plan. I always felt like I was struggling to be happy and make everyone around me happy and with Meg I have discovered that taking care of me does not mean I don’t care for others - rather, that I do care and want to be the best me I can, to give them all of me at any time I need to. I truly cannot thank Meg enough for empowering me through nutrition andhealth."  -Janice S

One-on-One Coaching

Our coaching sessions will entail a thorough analysis of how all areas of your life are interconnected: does stress at your job or at home cause you to come home and raid your fridge? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? What are the underlying causes, and how do we correct them? Together we'll intimately examine how all the moving pieces in your life affect your health as a whole, using food as the cornerstone.

My approach goes beyond looking at nutritional components of your diet such as calories, carbs, and fat (although we can certainly do that too, if you'd like! I do know a thing or two about nutrition). Rather than simply churning out a meal plan, I prefer to help my clients create what I call "health on autopilot:" a happy, healthy, balanced life that is both flexible and fun, while still remaining results-driven. 

We'll work together to reach your health goals in areas such as achieving optimal weight, reducing food cravings, increasing sleep, and maximizing energy- all the really good stuff!  As we go along, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you, and implement lasting changes that will change your life.

As part of our coaching, you can expect to:

  •  Identify your own personal obstacles to good health, and learn how to overcome them.
  • Identify what truly motivates you and why this is more important than you think.
  • Set attainable goals, and break them into achievable action steps.
  • Develop new healthy habits that compliment your lifestyle, replacing ones that no longer serve you.
  •  Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.
  •  Understand and reduce cravings.
  •  Increase your energy level.
  • Learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them.

3 Month Program: Two 45-60 minute sessions per  month, in person or via  phone/skype, with text/email access between sessions $220/month

6 Month Program: (highly recommended*) Two 45-60 minute sessions per month, in person or via  phone/skype, with text/email access between sessions  $175/ month  

Power Coaching: 1 Hour Check-Ins On an as-needed basis, in person or via Skype/phone (*Must have completed at least a 3 month program)  $75/session

Initial Health History Consultation: 45-60 minutes. We will review your health history to date, discuss your current concerns and goals, and I will offer several suggestions to help you take the first steps of your journey. Free

*6 Months is highly recommended to see the most change, while remaining accountable. After 6 months, your new habits are significantly more likely to be set in stone. 

Beyond Coaching: More With Meg

Kitchen Remodel

We’ll go through your fridge & pantry, and take a look at the food you currently keep on hand. We’ll look at labels and decide together what stays, what goes, and what kind of foods to stock the kitchen with that work for you. We’ll only bring on food that you WANT to eat and cook with. 

Think about this like cleaning out your closet: we’ll keep the stuff that works, toss the things that don’t, but we’ll decide how to replace anything we got rid of with an alternative or upgrade.

$75/hour. Average 1-2 hours.

Meal Planning & Prep 101

Learn the basics of meal planning and meal prep! You can bring in your own recipes, have access to my Recipe Rolodex of over 200 real food recipes, use one of my meal plans, or use a meal plan of your choice or creation.

  • We’ll go through the basics of meal planning – including:
  • Smart planning: finding meals with similar ingredients
  •  Streamlining grocery lists
  • Food prep: shave hours off your evenings and prevent poor meal decisions by effectively prepping food
  • Healthy lunch planning: improve work lunches
  • In-person prep: I’ll help you prep in your own kitchen to cut down on time, so you can spend your Sunday afternoon the way you choose to. 

Average 1-4 hours, depending on selectionsContact me for price details.

Go Grocery:  Shop Like a Pro (LA Area only)

Not sure how to navigate the grocery store, or clueless when it comes to effective grocery shopping?  Not to worry: I'm basically a Market Master, and we’ll tackle it together. I’ll meet you in person and we’ll scour the aisles. You’ll learn which products to avoid, and what to stock up on, and how to shop strategically to set yourself up for success. Questions welcome and encouraged!

$75/ hour with meal planning & grocery list prep, $50/hour as an add-on feature to Meal Planning and Prep 101 

Personal Shopping and Meal Planning

Tight on time? I’ll do your weekly meal planning for you, as well as pick up, deliver, and unpack your groceries. This is a sweet solution for the busiest bees out there, who have limited time to get in the trenches! This package includes:

  •  Free initial conversation about meal preferences, lifestyle, and food tolerances.
  •  Personalized grocery list based on the above, as well as nutrition principles. 
  •  Grocery pickup, delivery, and optional unloading.

$75/hour. Average 1-1.5 hours