Why Emotional Eating is a Good Thing, and an Announcement

TOOD: Why emotional eating is actually a good thing

I know what you’re thinking, because most people see emotional eating as the Mother of all food-related setbacks. Word on the streets is that it’s one of the biggest obstacles to looking like a Victoria’s Secret Angel...oh, and also the cause of super fun feelings like guilt, frustration, and disappointment. 

Emotional eating happens when you find yourself face to face with an emotion or situation that you don’t know how to deal with. It’s not uncommon for some people to have problems pinpointing a specific feeling at first, or it might not seem like there’s an emotion there at all (some of us are masters at burying our feelings, self once included), but you know that squirmy feeling of wanting to swallow a whole ranch-soaked pizza and chase it with a brownie or 4 (can’t imagine I’m alone here)? There’s a really good chance that it’s coming from an un-managed case of the feels. 

Regardless of how frustrating that can be, it can also be awesome -even life changing-  because emotional eating is one of the most honest, accurate indicators that something’s going on in your mind or in your world that needs a little TLC.

Whether you’re deep into self-development or just wanting to take control of your eating habits, it would behoove you to think about the following concept: 

“Tend to the roots, not the fruits.” (FYI, I lifted that quote directly from a book about finances, but it’s totally applicable)

If you read that and you’re all like, “huh?” I’m going to give you a little analogy. Imagine that you have a lemon tree or whatever kind of fruit-bearing tree you want - it’s your imagination so go to town, but don’t get too attached. Because now we’re going to pretend spring rolls around and you’re so excited to harvest your goods, only discover that the fruit looks pretty sad. Your lemons looks diseased, it tastes like shit, and you wouldn’t put that thing anywhere near your martini. Would you wash the thing off and hope for the best, or would you try and figure out what’s going on with the tree? 


The problem is in the roots. Maybe the tree wasn’t watered enough or the soil sucks. Maybe there’s a family of angry raccoons sprinkling lemon poison on the lawn when you’re asleep, it doesn’t really matter; the bottom line is that the fruit is bad because something bigger is going down. 

Lets draw the correlation to real life. Simply put, figuring out a healthy and effective way to manage your feelings (aka, the roots - please tell me you got that) can be a fantastic way to wipe out out emotional eating - and make you a better you in the meantime.  

If you’re a self improvement seeker, get excited because paying attention to your emotional eating habits is going to give you clues about aspects of your life that need some work. If you’re not, understanding and handling your triggers is still the best way to long-term success in the ol' food department. How you handle your emotions is entirely up to you (email me if you’re not sure where to begin), but in the meantime, I have a shameless plug! 

I’ve been working for months on a group coaching program that will absolutely help you take your health to the next level.  I wanted to create something much more than just another health plan, so the focus will be split between nutritional guidance and looking at the roots: mindset, emotional eating, and all of the biggies, complete with actionable steps around both areas. I also wanted to create something accessible to anyone who wants it, so it’s going to be crazy affordable, and while it’s a group program there will still be anonymity. I’m just about finished with it and am looking at a January launch date.  If you want early information as it comes out, you can get on the info list by signing up here (I won’t spam you, promise). Otherwise, stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Keep working on those roots, babes.    

xx Meg