An Announcement

Hi, to my dearest, dearest readers!

It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post, that I forgot how much I hate trying to open these. Am I supposed to say hi? Dive right in? Come up with something clever or catchy? Yeah see, I don’t know, but here I am. I guess we'll start with, holy crap that's a huge picture of me. 

I know I’ve been off the grid for a minute (ok, for like, 7 months), but trust me, I missed you. Here’s an update re: what’s going on. In three words, I’ve been busy. Like really, really busy. On one hand, I'm extremely grateful to be working with so many amazing health and nutrition clients one-on-one, teaching fitness, even working on a few exciting side projects (in addition to my 9-5, which I also happen to love). On the other hand, I genuinely didn’t expect to have so many opportunities so quickly, and learning to juggle it all has been a work in progress to say the least. A few things had to go on the back burner, blog included. 

So it was only natural (sarcasm) that a few months ago I started to hear a nagging little voice in my head. Does that ever happen to you?  I hope so, but regardless - said voice began telling me to write again. At first, I was all like, are you &$^&^# insane?  But right away, things got weird: people immediately began reaching out to me. I got random mentions of/ questions about Legwarmer Nation. I had several people ask when I was going to start blogging again. One person even told me to write a book (what? Lol). I’m not making this shit up, and it was weird. 

I don’t know about you, but I take signs seriously.  I also firmly believe that you make the time for the things you love, and blogging very much fell under that category. I loved the support and seeing my recipes in action but mostly I loved the knowledge that it resonated with at least a handful of you and that we all struggle with the same things. After it fizzled away I was too busy to think much about it, but around 6 months ago I began to realize that I really, really missed it.

Oh and I should mention there's a bigger reason I’ve been dragging my feet: I was completely, utterly, overwhelmed with fear.  There are so many people out there doing an incredible job of providing content about superfoods, food combining, whatever the new Kale is, building perfect smoothies, and all the other general information about wellness that makes my Instagram feed so pretty. Who was I to try and add to that? After a lot of thought, I uncovered the answer. I wasn’t. At least not entirely...because while I love that stuff, it's not my passion.  

Now that I have my Integrative Nutrition/ Holistic Coaching (and a Spirit Junkie Master classes, woop!) certs and experience under my belt, I feel like I know even more about health, but I also feel like I know even more about health. 

As a coach, I've learned first hand that many people loosely have a good idea of how to be healthy: eat your broccoli, keep sugar and processed foods out of your kitchen, mix up your workouts. Blah blah. But many of those people have a really, really difficult time turning that knowledge into a sustainable lifestyle and an even harder time feeling comfortable in their own skin.  

After a few years of working with people in groups and one on one, I understand why.

They way we handle what goes into our bodies and the way we react to it is a direct reflection of what’s going on upstairs. Health begins as a mental game. Our limiting beliefs, our attitude, our experiences with food, our self perception - all of that matters, and it matters a lot. The way we react to stress and sadness and guilt, perceived lack of time or money, our willingness to feel, the amount of connection we have with others and the degree to which we accept and love ourselves. You know that feeling when you just swallowed 5 average-tasting cookies whole like a snake,  just because they were there? The feeling you get when you look in the mirror and hate your body, so you order a pizza? The guilt you feel when you eat something "imperfect?" It’s because of factors like that. It’s the reason that 99% dieters fall off the wagon at some point. But does anyone actually want to hear about that? That's where the fear kicked in.

Pitaya bowls aside, health is a surprisingly intricate topic, and for that reason it’s something I’ve been afraid of taking on since that voice popped into my head.

But this is the part of health I feel most passionate about. The Mind Body connection. The why. The juicy, sometimes difficult stuff.

So screw it, I’m going to do my best to tackle it coherently and if I can reach just one person, it’ll be worth it.

Guys, I’m going to start blogging again (slow clap - humor me here). 

We won’t call it Legwarmer Nation this time around, but we’ll be LWN in spirit. We'll definitely still chat about things like Float tanks and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Pops (because that's fun AF), but we'll also get a little deeper, into the heart of it all. 

So if you were reading LWN or even my coaching blog (<- yawn) before and got anything at all out of it - know you’re the reason I’m committing to starting this puppy back up. Thank you and love you and we’ll chat more soon! 



PS!  If you have anything in particular you want me to write about, send me a message here or on my Facebook or Insta! I want to know what you want to know - I’m all ears.