21 Days of Cheat Meals is a 3 Week Long Coaching Project.

You will get:

  • A weekly flex menu and food prep guide
  • A weekly video or FB live where I’ll walk you through the prep and show you how to make it as painless as possible. 
  • My tips on how to meal plan in a streamlined way cross-utilizing ingredients to keep costs down and increase efficiency at meal prepping. 
  • Regular Coaching Q+A with me. Ask me as many questions as you want via Facebook or Email. I’ll post videos, posts, or reply directly addressing them all. 
  • Mindset work is going to be an ongoing theme; you’ll get exercises, homework, and interactive coaching on how to manage and adjust mindset. Expect to walk away with the beginning of a new relationship with wellness, food and your body. 
  • Accountability buddies. Look, if you aren’t into chatting with strangers, that's cool. But, if having other people around for accountability purposes is helpful to you, they're here for you. Regardless, I'm here for you.

This is an immersive and you'll be getting far more than similar programs offer! And not to toot my own horn, but my strategies are smarter, more realistic, and more conducive to long-term success- I know that because I've been doing this for a long time. Groups will be limited to 15 people each to ensure enough personal attention. 

You ready to do this? Here are the deets:

Start Date: 1/14/18

Program costs:

Pre-New Year sign up special:  $125 (when paid in full) 

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After New Years: $145 (when paid in full) 

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Now, if $ is an issue (holidays and all that), send me a message about a payment plan.


Once paid, fill out the form below (so that I can email you information and add you to the program!)

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