Hi, I'm Meg- so glad you've stopped by! Allow me to introduce myself: I'm an Institute of Integrated Nutrition certified Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach. I'm here to help you quit your diet, forget everything you've ever been told about losing weight, and learn how to get the health and body of your dreams...without all the BS that comes along with dieting. 

I specialize in emotional and binge eating, digestive issues, and functional food. Because I approach health from a big-picture standpoint, we'll work together to make sense of why you're eating, not just what you're eating. Maybe you've heard the myth that being healthy takes strict discipline and hard work? I'm going to dispel that now. We'll take your preferences and lifestyle and favorite foods into consideration so that you never, ever have to feel like you're making a sacrifice to be healthy. 

I'll work beside you throughout the entire process to derail your roadblocks, set clear goals, and take actions based on principals of behavior change.  Together, we'll identify lasting strategies toward achieving the health you've always dreamed of. Ready to start your journey? Come on in and take a look around....you know you're curious!   

XO Meg 


Meg has truly changed my life - and the best part about it is that she empowered ME to be my own biggest cheerleader. I run my own business, so my biggest struggles are definitely time management around healthy eating and exercise. When things get busy, it's usually the first thing in my life to fall by the wayside. I originally started working with Meg in one of her coaching groups - a really motivating and FUN way to focus on healthy lifestyle changes over two-week blocks. I found the community of people so inspiring and helpful. I truly missed it when the challenges were over, so I started working with Meg one on one.  She taught me so much about meal prep, gave me ideas for new healthy eating recipes, inspired my workouts to get a little bolder, helped me implement mindfulness and inspired me to work towards realistic but challenging goals for myself. I am so grateful!  -Mallory

Now just a little bit about me, so you know who you're dealing with. For years, I struggled with body image, disordered eating, crash diets, and got so caught up in the cycle of dieting that it eventually led to Binge Eating Disorder (happy to share stories about what I've eaten alone in my car, per request). As you might imagine, all of this took quite a toll on my sense of self-worth, which was definitely the catalyst to a whole slew of other bad habits. Think: binge drinking, smoking cigarettes, and some serious slacking off in most areas of my life. It's safe to say that I was not exactly the poster child for good health! The truth is I felt like crap, 24/7.

I got very lucky: a string of circumstances in my own life led me down a path that ultimately changed my life - beginning with my health. Today, I'm 100% in love with every aspect of my life  - including my body!  All of the energy I once spend stressing over how I looked and self-destructing, is now poured into discovering what fills my life with love, beauty, and excitement. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not aware of how sweet life can be, and I feel compelled to help others find the same path through good health.

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